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Tips to Improve Your Marketing and Branding

Start by understanding your audience: As a Real Estate agent you will have a variety of audiences; most agents usually will specialize in one. So begin your branding adventure by really digging in and determining who your audience is. Is it the bachelor or bachelorette looking for that perfect Jax beach condo, or maybe it’s the family of five in need of the new construction in Rivertown. Maybe you’re an agent that specializes in commercial real estate or investors. Whom ever it may be you should know the audience you’re targeting before you start marketing and branding.

Get personal: Real estate is an emotional career, this emotion should reflect into your marketing. You may be the logical agent for someone to choose, but for some that choice is made on emotion. “Let’s find your dream home together” is more effective then “I’ll help you find a house”. Your pictures and virtual tours should be warm and inviting and show a potential buyer how this could be their home to make memories in.

Show your expertise: Take the time to do your research. Know the area, know the current inventory, and never be afraid to ask for help or learn new things. Your knowledge should not only show in your marketing but will be the wow factor in your relationship with your client. Great relationships lead to great testimonials, another great marketing piece.

Create a catchy slogan and/or logo for a memorable brand: Not only does a catchy slogan or logo help keep you in peoples mind; it’s also what will help build your brand. The logo does not have to be fancy, just something that people can use to relate back to you. The slogan should be catchy and relate to you and what you do as an agent. These become your brand. Stick to your brand and keep it consistent across all fronts. This will create a sense of completeness and communicate to your clients who you are and what you do.

Create a marking plan: Creating a marketing plan can be extremely helpful when trying to introduce your brand into the market. It should include social media, email marketing, direct mail, and a website with a personal domain. The “plan” part comes in by deciding when, where and how these items are released to possible clients. Don’t forget to include a budget. In order for the marketing plan to be a success, you must commit to it and follow it.

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